Saturday, April 30, 2011


Here's a few pictures from Easter! The Easter Bunny put the baskets together,and had so much fun! Baskets are from PBK.

They got left in the hallway for the little sweeties to find when they woke up!
Tillie Boo was so excited!

Julianna loved going through her loot! The snap-n-style dolls are a huge hit around here.

Then we headed off to an Easter Egg hunt! Tillie spent most of the time sitting in the grass where mommy provided her with eggs for her basket!
Julianna knew just what to do! She filled up her basket with lots of eggs!
Tillie did manage to find an egg,and decided she would go after it.

Bend and grab,way to go!

The effort of one was just enough for her. ;)

Momma and her pretty girls- don't underestimate the wind,it was out of control,therefore,so was my hair.

This is the best I could do LOL!

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