Monday, May 2, 2011

Preschool at Home

So,the other day I was going through some pictures on the computer,reminiscing about what the girls looked like last year at Easter,and thinking about how much they've grown! Case in point: happens so fast. I'm sure I say that at least once a week on this blog,but really. Aren't they cute?

Then,I saw this picture,and after closer examination,it looked like preschool work. I had no idea when we actually started doing "sch0ol" with Julianna,but it's been at least a year.
We've come a long way,but are still having fun and plugging away at preschool!

Right now,my goal is to do school 3 days a week. We usually spend a full 60 minutes focused on seatwork,and then Julianna gets to pick a special activity to do for 30 minutes. A special activity would be puzzles,play-doh,craft,or a toy from her closet (that have small pieces and only come out while she sits at the table so Tillie won't eat it). I will do a post soon about how I organize our work for the week,but for now,here's a few pictures of what she does during seat time.

First,each Sunday she gets a paper from church about what they're learning in Sunday school. I read it to her,and we talk about the Bible Story,and may memorize a verse depending on if I can find something age appropriate. We also read the story out of the Children's Bible one day,and the regular Bible one day. This particular week,the story was about God creating the Sun and Moon.
Julianna made a sun craft,that used fine motor skills to include gluing (my favorite lol).
She also worked on the letter "S" to correspond with Sun.

Copywork included drawing a picture of the Sun and moon,and then copying the words. She wrote Sun by herself,and I wrote Moon for her,and let her copy.
We did one page out of our Heavenly Helper book,and talked about rainbows.
Math worksheet. We are working out of Get your preschooler ready for Math.
Dot to dot focuses on motor skills and coordination.
Number practice,those 5's are hard work for little hands!
And,I supplemented with books from the library that week. I found a few with pictures of the sun and moon,and we looked at them together.

I have a tentative plan for K4,and I'll be sharing that soon,and also my updated system of organizing her work for the week.


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