Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sorry y'all. I'm in a slump.

I seriously have no motivation or discipline to keep up with this blog. I always have these great ideas about what I'm going to write about,I take pictures,I upload them...and the post never gets written. I'm really debating about whether keeping this blog is a good use of my time. I've had it up for 3 years (I think),and it doesn't seem to be growing or have a real 'direction' to it. I rarely have time to sign on and write about what I want. Also,there's only about 5 people who keep up with it. So,we'll see. I will try to get my weigh in on here this week,and then re-evaluate. With the weather getting warmer,and Erik coming home in a few months,I don't see my time increasing. I really need to think about if this blog can stay alive,or if it's time to retire. Thanks for being patient. :)


Anonymous said...

Lin,more people keep up with this blog than YOU THINK!!

Cindy said...

We do enjoy the pictures and updates.

Sara said...

Me too! It's nice to stay updated from so far away :)