Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WI Week 22

OK, here we go!

It's week 22 on the weight loss journey,and I'm a little underwhelmed looking over the last month.

The good news is,I lost exactly 5 pounds while I was home for the whole month of December. This was no easy feat. Temptation was all around me,but I stayed (mostly) strong,and came in at -5. I didn't eat at some of my favorite places,like Five Guys or Goodberry's. I did eat at Chick-Fil-A a LOT,though. We don't have one close to us here,so I totally took advantage of the situation,and ate there 2x a week (at least). The grilled Chicken wrap is only 410 calories,so I would eat half,and give Jules the other half. I ordered fat free honey mustard. Although,let's be honest,the Ranch is better. I split a small fry with Jules,and had a very filling,but low-cal lunch.
So,5 pounds isn't that bad,considering it was December,month of the cookies/candies/treats/Ham/Sweet Potatoes/Etc.

Now,I'm ready to get back on track and see some serious movement on the scale. I had a big splurge on NYE,and ate 2010 calories to end 2010 LOL! ;o) I ate Applebees for lunch,and then went all out at Dairy Queen for dinner. Yeah,it was so bad,but so good. The next day,we traveled home,and we stopped at Bojangles for breakfast,and I ate 2 biscuits. Came home to no food in the house,and ate Subway for dinner. So,I've had my fill of fast food,and I'm ready to eat normally again.

I'm hoping for a 2 pound loss this week!

Ok,now onto the weigh-in. Ok,so let me be totally honest about what happened this morning. I got on the scale this morning and got a 166.0. I was thinking,that seems a little high, since it was 165.8 yesterday. I stood there and thought about it for a minute,and decided that my socks might be hindering the weigh. I had on these thick lumberjack mountain socks (my bedroom is like the arctic tundra). There is about an inch of padding on the bottoms,so I took those off and weighed again (3 times). It was 165.4. That's what I was expecting. Then,I got ready for the shower,and weighed again (sans clothing) and got 164.8. D'oh! I was so confused. Then,I got out of the shower and weighed myself (with wet hair),and it said 164.6. So,obviously,there is no reliability here. I am going to put the official weigh as 165.4. I'm going to make sure not to weigh with socks on anymore,and I might try to put the scale on the bedroom floor where it's more stable,as opposed to the bathroom floor with the little tiny tiles.


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