Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

'the days are long,but the years are short.'

Right? Can I get an amen? So,with 2010 ushered out,and 2011 here anew,I started thinking of resolutions. What can I say? I'm an organizer,a planner,a true type A personality. This year,things were a little different though. In the past,it would usually look something like: 1) Lose weight so you won't spend another year as a fatso. 2) Save money for the newest/latest/greatest "thing" that you think you need. 3) Do more nice things for yourself.

Basically,I was having great fun thinking of ways to make life more about,well,me.. Been there too,huh? What made this year different? Well,I've spent considerable time in the last months praying about what God has in store for my life. I asked Him to speak to my heart about His will for my life,and then I asked for the wisdom to discern what He was asking.

Proverbs 2:5-6- Trust in the Lord with all your heart,lean not on your own understanding. Seek His will in all that you do,and He will show you which path to take.

See,my Father knows me. He knows that I'm not gifted with discernment,and I need it spelled out for me (neon lights and flashing signs wouldn't hurt *ahem*). Learning to listen for that still,small voice has been a challenge for my ambitious heart. I have jumped the gun (more than once) in the past,where God's voice is concerned,and I always end up rejected and disappointed at the outcome. Why? Because I wasn't really listening. Oh,I had good intentions and all. I saw a "need",and by gosh,I was going to fix it. I was going to help someone,in the name of the Lord,of course. Then,when it's all shattered around me,I pick up the pieces and shake them at God.

Hey,You up there! See this? Yeah,well I did what You wanted me to do,and look at this mess! Hmmph!

Oh,loving merciful Father. Suddenly,shame stricken,I see that I have made a mess of things,by letting my will go before His.

So,I started praying months ago about this,and the Lord,in His perfect timing,has spoken to my heart about how I can better serve,and bring Him glory! I am excited to share with you,as allows,what God has planned for me in 2011. There are things He has fully explained to me,and others,I'm still praying through. I know that He is holding me,gently helping me to shed those flesh-filled worldly things,and focus more on the Kingdom,my Heavenly home.

I'm hoping if you're reading this,and wondering how to move forward in the New year,the first step is to pray.

Matthew 21:22- And all things,whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing,you shall receive.

Ask God to supply you with wisdom for the days ahead,and to cover you with His Grace. Then,listen for that still,small voice... :)

Oh,and Happy New Year!!

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