Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week 21!

The week of Christmas..Just thinking about all the goodies & treats made me shiver. How would I make it through?

Well,I am proud to report that I modestly indulged,and managed to lose a pound this week. Basically,I stuck to my plan of only eating the things that I really wanted,and staying away from the so-so things. For instance,On Christmas Eve,I spent the day at my MIL's house,and between her and my SIL,they had an enormous spread of food out. I checked everything over,made myself wait an hour to think about what I really wanted,and then in the end,skipped the sugary treats!

I know,I surprise myself sometimes.

My SIL made oreo balls (smashed oreos with cream cheese covered in white chocolate),and my other SIL made Danish wedding cookies. However,what I really wanted were the Sausage balls and cheese wafers. Yum! So,I ate 3 little "snacks" and then at dinner,only chose 1/2 of the sides offered. I ate the corn pudding and brussel sprouts,and skipped the macaroni and collards. On Christmas Day,I tried to do the same thing. We had brunch over at my dad/stepmom's house in the morning (ate the quiche,it was to die for),and dinner at my mom/stepdad's (HAM,sweet potatoes and pecan pie were my must haves there.) Overall,I feel like I stayed mostly in control,and was rewarded by not seeing the scale bouncing all over the place.

Erik will be coming home for his mid-tour soonish,and I can't remember if I had a goal for when he came home or not. Right now,though,it looks like if I can be at 165 comfortably,I'll be happy. We're going home in a few days,and it might take me another few days to adjust my eating,and get back on a good schedule.

SW: 197.8
CW: 166.4

I will put my new year weight loss goals up soon,I'm still pondering..

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