Monday, January 10, 2011

Just a quick update on the Williams' Family!

Julianna had a wonderful birth-'day' last week. She had a few gifts to open,a strawberry shortcake necklace,and a guitar,to go with her microphone. We went to Dairy Queen for dinner,and then she had 1/2 a cupcake when we got home. I had explained to her that we would be having a party when daddy gets home,so she was OK with that.

I'm not sure if we are going to do birthday parties every year,though. It seriously stresses me out trying to plan a party. I mean,it seems relatively simple,but I get myself so worked up over the details of the whole thing. Invites,thank you cards,food,favors,cake,activities (which is pretty limited with 1 and 4 yr olds). I remember when I was little,we went to the kids house,had some cake and ice cream,watched the birthday kid open their gifts,and left. Now,it seems like most people don't have parties at their home anymore. They do it at Chuck E. Cheese or jump places. It's so expensive though,and it seems so chaotic to me. So,anyway! I am full into strawberry shortcake planning mode,and hoping that everything turns out nicely.

Onto other news,Julianna is sick right now. She has a respiratory virus,and we went to Urgent Care and got some meds. I'm hoping that within 48 hours she will be on the mend. She won't eat anything,which is probably because of the Zofran she's taking for nausea. However,I just got her to 30 pounds,so she really can't stand to lose anything right now.

I'm also hoping that Matilda won't get it. Fat chance,right? Ugh. There's not much you can do with a sick baby..

Erik should be coming home soon. I know I've said that before,but I'm hoping that he really will be coming soon. I am so excited! I've been entertaining myself around the house by cleaning and organizing things (like my earring collection). Obviously,he needs to hurry.

Other than that,just feeling like a caged animal stuck in the house with kids all day. So ready to have daddy home,and then I will be fervently looking forward to SPRING!

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