Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 19 Weigh In

Well,I think my strict talking-to that I had with myself last week worked. :o) I had a great weigh in at 169.8 this week. YES!!!!! I actually saw a 1-6 on the scale. Woohoo!!!!! And,I have a picture! My mom took this,this morning,and these pants are a size 12. Size 12. I wore an 18 when Erik left. I am so excited to surprise him when he gets home. Hoping I can keep up the streak this week,because I know Christmas week is going to be really hard to watch the calories. Without further adieu..


PS-Sorry I haven't been blogging about anything else. We are doing really well,just enjoying our Christmas "vacation."


Christa said...

Do you weigh yourself once a week? I just started WW on Monday and I've weighed myself twice so far but my co-workers are telling me not to jump on the scale till my weekly weigh-in. It's so hard though! I want to make sure I'm staying on track throughout the week instead of getting a surprise gain on Sunday

Lindsay said...

Yep. I weigh every single day. I also use Google15,so it tells me my average and such. I know I don't really lose a whole pound from day to day,a lot of it is water,but I have to weigh every day to see the results and watch myself. Doing that has helped me to discern that some foods I just can't eat,and some need to be eaten in the morning,not at night...etc. If I go up at all,I go through my food journal from the day before and try to find out what caused it.