Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Small Update and WI

Hi friends! :o)

We are here in N.C. visiting family for a little bit. It's been really busy,so I haven't had much time to post. I want to stay accountable on the Weigh-In's though,so here I am! This week has been ROUGH. I mean ROUGH. Like I said last week,I am having a problem with weight loss plateau. That added with the traveling and mom's cooking have given me a serious run for my money. I prayed about it,and had a severe talking to with myself about staying on track. I am so close to where I want to be when Erik comes home,and I can't allow myself to BLOW it! So,my scale has not been my friend this week at all. I was scared to even step on it this morning,since I actually saw 175.6 earlier this week. EEEEEEK! But,yesterday I got in a good work-out,and I ate really healthy,and kept my calories under 1200. This morning I was back at 172.8. That's actually a whole pound up from last week,but after some of the other numbers I saw this week,I will take it. I'm trying to calorie zig-zag to work my metabolism up,and my mom does have a elliptical machine in the garage. I got on that thing for about 15 minutes yesterday and nearly passed out. Not as fit as I thought I was LOL. Ok,so there's my update. I am hoping to do better next week and get back to 171.8 or below.

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