Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WW W5 Update

Hello out there (echo)!

Once again,I have been awful about blogging. This month is amazingly busy for us. It seems like I made every appointment I could think of for this month. Along with our normal weekly things,the schedule is packed.

However,I have good news on the weight loss front this week! After my complete bust last week,I decided to drop my points,ending up at about 1600 or 31ish points each day. I think it paid off,as I went down 3 pounds this week. I am really pleased with that,as I'm sure you can imagine. Now,here is what needs to happen: LOSE WEIGHT THIS WEEK. If you look back at my weigh-ins,I seem to have a good week,and then the next week,nothing. That can't happen this week. I really want to be at 185 by the end of this month,so I need to shed another 2 pounds this week. Can we do it? YES We CAN! (That's Bob the Builder,if you didn't know!)

So,this week,I will stay with 28 daily points,and 35 weekly points. That way,I can use 31 points a day,with one big splurge day. I do like to have a blizzard at DQ once a week (Ok,and a cheeseburger).

I'm also working out more. This proves very difficult with 2 kids,but I'm finding ways to make it work. I'm trying to get more into running,but right now it's more of a 90%walk/10%run combo. :)

Here's to another great week of losing weight!

CW: 189.4

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Mom said...

YAY!!!! I'm very proud of you.