Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little Cleaning!

I am hoping to dust the corners of my little blog out,and try to be more active here!

On my list of priorities,the blog always seems to come in at the bottom. And since,I never make it to the bottom of my list of to-do in a day,it's been severely neglected. For now,I am going to do a little update,and then hopefully some more ideas will flow. Maybe I should do a Picture of the Day thing to keep me accountable? Something to think about!

So,Erik has been gone for 2 months now,and we are barreling towards month 3 with breakneck speed. The time has really picked up,and I am not complaining! My mom (and Chris) are coming on the 1st of October,and I am so excited to have them here for the week. We have some fun things planned,but they are also going to help me do some things on my list! Yay! TWO extra set of hands here? What will I do?? Oh,I can think of a few things...

Before Erik left,I was feeling very convicted about finding a church in the area and joining. It was one of the 5 things on my list. So,he left on a Friday,and I found myself in church on Sunday. It was very,very hard to get past my mental block and go to church (by myself,nonetheless.) But,the Lord was faithful and gave me peace that morning as I walked into church for the first time in a long time. The first church- a total bust! Just wow on that one. The sign on the front said,biblical teaching and a great band,that's what church is about! So,I thought it was going to be great and modern. The music was good,I will say that. However,the childcare was severely lacking,the service lasted 2 entire hours,and just when I thought it was about to be over ( I was getting really antsy about Tillie in the nursery),the pastor started on a tangent about the people in the church weren't tithing enough,and he hadn't taken a paycheck for 2 months. He proceeds to call these people a drain on his faith,and told the congregation if they weren't tithing,they could do somewhere else. Then,the entire family sitting behind me got up and walked out LOL. Oh,it was too much for me. NEXT! So,I got back on the internet and was looking a a few churches,and had a new one in mind for the next week. However,I was running late,and knew I wasn't going to make it there,so I remember there was one close by,right off post,and I headed there instead. What can I say? It was a God-led decision,and turned out to be a great one. After going there for about 8 weeks,I joined the church 2 weeks ago! I really love it there,and right now I'm in the process of meeting people and praying for discernment on how I can serve my church.

I'm going to keep up with my weekly weigh in posts,even though nothing spectacular is going on in that arena!

My girls are going ok. Tillie has had a fever for 3 days now,and it seems to spike right in the middle of the night. I am TIRED from holding a washcloth to her hot little forehead. The doctor said it was just a virus,but I'm giving it 48 hours,and we are going back in if it hasn't gone away.

I am still working with Julianna on "pre-k" stuff,and she is really learning in leaps and bounds! She can recognize all of her capital letters,and now we're working on lowercase. I love watching her learn new things.

So,thank you for being patient with me,and I am hoping that I will be able to get some more posts up soon!

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DAD said...

Lin,we are really blessed by these posts,grateful that you share these updates W/ Cindy and I, Never Give Up,!!