Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The schoolbell is ringing!

Ahhh,it's time. We are getting back on the homeschool-for-preschool train. Jules is still on the list for part day preschool through the post,but like everything else,her spot on the list is subject to change at a moments notice. Also,the time isn't great for me. :X The first class is 8:30-11:30. So,we would have to be up eeeearly so we could get all of our morning stuff done before we left. Then,the afternoon class is from 1:30-4:30,which is naptime,basically,so that won't work either.

Right now,our social schedules are pretty much packed,so this is not a necessity,but a bonus. Anyway,we're back to doing it at home,and Julianna is really excited. This work,we're working on the letter D (which is a trouble one,getting confused with P). We are also going to study the story of David & Goliath. Fun! I got everything layed out tonight,and I'm really just hoping things will move smoothly enough that I can work with her in the morning while the baby naps (even though that was my exercise time...sigh).

Julianna is having some problems with Erik being gone. They actually seem to be triggered by her seeing him on the video the other day. She got to talk to him face to face for a few minutes,and she was so excited and happy to see him. Later that day,we went out in the backyard to play,and she stood in the middle of the yard,and started maniacally screaming 'DADDY! DADDY!DADDY!'. Did I rush over to her? Nope. I just let her have it out. She screamed for him for a few minutes,and then turned to look at me. What's going on? I asked her,and she said "I want daddy". Then,she was off playing with her jumprope. Well,me too. Me,too. Also,she's started to tell me about all the things she wants to show daddy when he comes home. She got a scrape on her hand the other day,and insisted on a band-aid. Except,when it fell off,she wanted to save it so she could show him when he comes home. It really hurts my heart. I know this has to be so hard for her. Her understanding of where he is and what's going on is so small,that she can't possibly grasp the concept of him being gone for a year. I am trying to keep her very involved in activities to lessen the blow,but the truth is this. By the time she's 4 and a half years old,her daddy will have missed more than 2 years of her life. That's tough. My sweet,sweet big girl. We will just take it one day at a time.

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Mom said...

That hurts my heart too. I wish I was there to give you all some love.