Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey y'all! I'm truly sorry posting has been so sporadic. I am hoping to get back in the swing of things soon. If I can get an hour or two to myself one night during the week,I try to whip out scheduled posts for a few days. Getting that time is tough,though.

My little babes is 7 months old. Can y'all believe it? I can't! Time is flying. I never,seriously never,thought that I would have a 7 month old who wouldn't sleep through the night. Julianna,teeny as she was,slept 12 straight hours by 12 weeks. This has been a real issue for me. One,I'm not getting enough sleep at night,and am tired during the day,therefore making productivity very slow going. Also,I need the kids to go to bed and sleep at night,so I can have a little alone time to regroup and refocus before the next day. Do NOT underestimate how hard it is to care for 2 kids,day in and out all by your lonesome. I mean,I wouldn't want to be anywhere else,but breathing time is necessary for me.

So,I have been working very hard on sleep training Miss Tillie. I will win this battle LOL! So,she goes to bed at 11:00,and I do a "dreamfeed" at 1:00 (right when I go to bed). I read about it in Parents Magazine,and it's supposed to help fill them up and nudge them back into a deep sleep. So,at 1;00,she gets 6 ounces of formula with oatmeal in it. My hope is that soon she will sleep for a full 8 hours. Yes,I said 8. I'll settle for 7. So far,so good. Each night tends to be a bit better. Also,while doing this,I've decided to stop swaddling her. I know,I am a glutton for punishment. But,she was getting sweaty wrapped in her blanket. Plus,she has the capacity to roll over,and if she got onto her stomach,she couldn't roll back over,so she would wake up crying. We certainly don't need THAT!

I'm trying to be patient,and learning,as I parent my girls,that they are very different creatures. I can only compare them knowing that what works for one won't work for the other. Tillie is a much happier baby all around,but she is a terrible sleeper. Julianna-total opposite. So,we will just plug on,and take it one day at a time (my deployment motto)!

Otherwise,Tillie is a great,awesome,snuggly little gal. We got stopped everywhere we go by peole wanting to exclaim over her red hair. Which....wait for getting CURLS!!! Yes,a little redhead with curls. How darling. She loves her big sister,anything silly Jules does makes her chuckle. She is a full out sitter now,too. She also scoots around backwards on the floor,but actual crawling has not occured. Nor does she have any teeth! Overall,she is growing wonderfully,and I am so on love with my little red. (We have an appt. next month,so I don't know her stats or anything)

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Gigi said...

Is that not the cutest baby in the world? Gig can't wait to get a hold of her again.