Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WW W3 Update

Hello! Sorry the posting has been very sporadic lately. Truth be told,between my new working out goals,and the fact that my baby wakes up every hour at night (@@),I am to tired to think about blog posts. This too shall pass (I hope,because I seriously need sleep.)

Ok,so this week was a great one. I stayed on points every day,although I didn't use all of my 35 splurge points for the week. Because I am introducing formula,and not nursing as much,I have determined my daily points value to be 33. If I use my points up evenly throughout the week,I will get 38 a day. So,this week,each day I used a few extra points,but I stayed in my range. I also worked out quite a bit. I'm doing Leslie Sansone walk at home program. I either do the 2mi. or 3mi. walk. I also did the 10 minute Biggest Loser program onDemand. Oh my word. I couldn't make it through the whole thing LOL. So,I'm slowly working on that,and I will be able to make it through soon.

SW: 201.4
W1: 194.8
W2: 194.0
W3: 192.2

Progress! I would like to lose 2 pounds a week,but I am going to be happy and content with one,knowing that I really did my best this week. No cheats at all! For this coming week,I plan to stay on points all 7 days,and work out 4 days this week. I'm also going to focus on eating more fruits and vegetables. I don't want to stay within my points and only eat "junk". I do a good job with vegetables,but I have a hard time with fruits! I'm sure for most people it's opposite. I can't wait to get to my first goal,190! :)

Just in case you are interested in finding out how many points you can have,here's a little survey to find out.

To figure out how many points you are allowed each day answer these questions and add your score:

1. Gender:
Female- score 2
Male- score 8
A nursing mom- score 12

2. How old are you?
17-26- score 4
27-37- score 3
38-47- score 2
48-58- score 1
over 58- score 0

3. What do you weigh?
Enter the first two digits of your weight in pounds.
(for example, if you weight 199, you will add 19 to your score)

4. How tall are you?
Under 5’1- score 0
5’1-5’10- score 1
Over 5’10- score 2

5. How do you spend most of your day?
Sitting down? score 0
Occasionally sitting? score 2
Walking most of the time? score 4
Doing physically hard work most of the time? score 6

Now add them all together and that’s your daily total.


Mom said...

I only get 20 points. I don't think I could do it.

DAD said...

Great mindset . .Keep it UP!!