Monday, July 12, 2010

Disaster Averted!

The other morning when I went in Julianna's room to get her up,I did what I always do. Turn the fan off, and go straight to raise the blackout shades and let the sun in. Then,I sing 'This is the day that the Lord hath made...' Except,on this particular day,my singing abruptly ended when the shades fell, on my head. Youch! I stood there in contemplation for a few moments before deciding that I couldn't possibly tackle this particular problem without a hearty breakfast. So,after polishing off a toaster strudel and Pepsi,I went to work. Now,Matilda has the same shades in her room,so I decided to go in there and see how they are supposed to look. Yeah,I won't call anyone out here,but someone put them up wrong. So,I had to take down the hardware and the curtains,and put everything back up. Friends,don't be fooled by how nice they came out. I was struggling. I was up on the chair for an hour trying to put the brackets in the wall,and then get the enormous shades in the brackets. I really needed another set of hands,but none were available. After getting the shades up,I then had to rehang the brackets for the curtains and put those up. Sigh. I was standing on the chair repeating "I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me". When that didn't give me the boost I needed,I started to pray.

Now,Julianna was laying on her bed this entire time,talking to herself,telling me how big my behind was,asking if I was ok (there might have been some excessive huffing going on.) So,after I prayed and asked the Lord to help me,she said "mommy,why you talkin' to Jesus?" In my mind,I was like,YES! A teachable moment! So,I explained to her that we can call on Jesus and ask him for help if we need it,and he will hear our prayers and answer us. She seemed satisfied with that answer,and I went on to finish my project. Only a moment later,I heard her saying "Jesus,please help me with my fuzz..." Um,well,erm,WHAT? I turned around,and asked her what she said. "Mommy,I'm talkin' to Jesus,asking him to help me with my fuzz!" Oh,ok then. She did a little more praying,asking to the Lord to help her fuzz stay safe,and a few other things,but I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off the chair!

Now,if you don't know Julie,you might be wondering...fuzz...what...I missed something. Why,yes you did. Allow me to catch you up. We moved Julie to a big bed about a year ago,and just put a fitted sheet and comforter on it,since it was Summer,she didn't need a blanket. When Winter rolled around,we decided to get her a nice,warm blanket,and thus,a fuzzy addiction was born. Now,it's Summer again,but we wouldn't DARE take the fuzzy blanket off the bed. She loves it. No,really,loves it. I don't know how she became so interested in the fuzz,but one day I noticed that she was carrying around pieces of it in her hand. Then,she started to collect the pieces and put them in the pockets of her clothes. If she got angry or upset,she would run in her room,get a piece,and put it between her lips. Yes,she likes to hold fuzz in her lips. Let me give you a moment to digest that..

Now,we just know what the deal is,and try to work with her. When she is carrying a piece and accidentally drops it,we understand that she has to get down on the floor and find it. When I'm getting her dressed,and she sets her piece of fuzz on the couch,I am instructed not to touch it,and she keeps her eye on it the entire time she is getting dressed,so she can pick it right back up when she's done. When she gets in bed,I can't turn the light out until she finds just the right piece of fuzz to hold inbetween her lips. So,to her,praying for her fuzz was just the right thing to do. She also likes to hold fuzz everynight while we pray for Erik. Previously,I was letting her keep a piece in her lips while we prayed,but we had to keep halting the prayer because the fuzz was falling out of her mouth. So now she just holds it,and we can get through the prayer much quicker!

I know that was a bit of a long story,but I had to share it,as I'm still laughing about it today! (PS-If you're a psychologist reading this blog and you want to share with me what you think is wrong with my child,my e-mail is

Now,here's some pictures as a reward for reading all that!

Here's a picture I snuck of Julie when I put her down for nap. She was looking for the right piece of fuzz.

When she found out what I was doing,she was more than happy to show me what she picked.

And,in the mouth it goes. :)

And,here are the shades and blinds that I worked so hard on fixing! Whew,let's hope they stay put,my arms are still sore!

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Gigi said...

Oh, I love my Julianna. Just thinking of her makes me laugh.