Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I previously showed you pictures of the front of the house,and then last week,you got to see the (newly organized) playroom. Today,I bring you pictures of Julie and Tillie's bedrooms.

Julie's bedroom up first. The view from the door. Hairbow holder,shelf and dresser. Her closet is behind the door.
Julie's bedroom. Those shelves on the wall Erik made for me when I was in high school!

Julie's bed!

Tillie's Room. Changing table,hairbow holder, basket to hold cloth diapers.

Crib and Armoire. I'm pretty impressed with how well our K-Mart furniture has held up!

View from the door. You can see how HUGE her room is,and how little of it is being used. Her room is the biggest in the house,and she got it because Julie has even less furniture than she does.

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