Sunday, July 11, 2010


Just a few pictures from the 4th of July carnival we went to right before Erik left! We went the very first night and it wasn't busy at all. As an added bonus,all the rides were only one ticket (=1 dollar),so we saved a bundle. Oh,and the weather was fantastic!

First, let me introduce you to Miss Julie! Julie's a soldier in Erik's unit. She used to be in his platoon,that's how we met her. When she joined the Army last year,so did her dad! Unfortunately,her whole family got stationed in Germany,and she's been here at Campbell. My heart went out to her when I heard,she is only 19 years old,and this is her first time away from them. So now,she's a part of our family. We absolutely love this girl! She makes us laugh so much,the girls love her,and we seriously enjoy every moment we spend together. :) We miss you,Miss Julie,praying for you every day friend!

Daddy helping Julianna catch a fish!

These two are crazy!

The Julie girls on the slide!

Going through the crazy house!


The big slide,Julianna didn't get to go on this last year since she was too short,and she really liked it this year!

Yeah,we started off the night with this ride. Hmh,not the best idea since we had just ate a huge dinner. Erik and I were both a little queasy after that.

Oh sweet girl,she was a little angel hanging out in her stroller and taking it all in.

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