Friday, April 30, 2010

New House

So,we've been in our new house about 3 weeks now,and we are settled in and back on schedule. The move turned out to be more costly than we expected. The moving truck,gas,and cleaning fee for the old house was about 250 dollars. Then,during the move,Juli's dresser broke (into pieces). This was not a huge surprise since we got it for free when some old neighbors moved out. We knew it wouldn't last forever,but it did pick the most non-convenient time to break LOL. We had to replace it rather quickly,since her clothes were scattered all over her bedroom floor,and you know we could NOT have that. So,300 dollars later,she came out with a very nice dresser (that Erik picked out!)A new TV stand had to be bought as well,since the last one we had sustained water damage,and it was barely hanging on. I knew it wouldn't make it if we tried to pick it up and move it. We also had to buy things for a bathroom,since we have 2 now! This house is just bigger and we had to get some things to fill it in,which racked up.

So,all that to say,I took a few pictures,and I know you will probably be thinking,it looks so bare in there! As time goes on,we will get what we want,but we have everything we need for now.

Without further adieu:

Kitchen-this is the one room that is smaller than the other house. I am getting used to less counter space (and having an electric stove again, BOO!)

To the left is the playroom ( my favorite room lol)!

Left side of living room-we have nice slanted ceilings,but no ceiling fan in here.

Right side-first thing on my list is to get this furniture cleaned!

And our dining room table! WOO-HOO! I am so glad we have room for it. We get to eat together at the table every single night. What a blessing! It sat in storage for 2 years while we lived in the old house since there was no room for it,so this is so nice for us.

I'll take pics of the rest later! :)

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Gigi said...

Can't wait to see it in person.