Thursday, April 29, 2010

Preschool: Week 3

This week in preschool was an abbreviated one for us,since we had quite a few other things going on.

We worked on the letter C and number 3!For our Bible study,we read The Tower of Babel and our verse was "Let us build a tower whose top will reach Heaven." We are just going in order of the stories in Juli's toddler Bible,and then I find a verse in the bible and tweak it to toddler size.

We didn't get to shapes and colors this week,but we'll just roll it over to next week. In addition to our work at home,we went to story time at the library this week. Juli AND Tilly enjoyed it,and we'll be adding that to our weekly schedule. They read a story,did a craft and got a snack (last week it was a piece of chocolate,so you know Juli wants to go back LOL.)

I got one decent picture...

and the rest looked like this... :)

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