Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A few words for Wednesday..

Hello all!

Baby sister and I are so proud to have made it to 38 weeks!!! What an accomplishment. Yesterday,I had an impromptu doctors visit for a sinus infection. I started feeling bad last week,and despite my best efforts,it turned into a sinus infection. I feel like someone punched me in the face. Nice. So,I got some antibiotics,and I am already feeling better. My blood pressure is responding to me being sick,it was much higher than normal at the doctors. I also had a Non-Stress test because the baby was not moving at all yesterday. I drank a cup of Coke,which usually gets her juiced,and she didn't do anything. I was worried! So,I did the NST and they had to come in twice with this buzzer thing and put it on my stomach to get her going. I also drank a few bottles of ice cold water,and finally,after an hour,she decided to wake up and get going. It took the entire 2 hours to get 10 movements,which is so unusual for her,but she is moving around more this morning,so I'm not sure what that was all about. Needless to say,Erik and I are ready for her to come out and meet us! We are getting so excited.

Other than that,not much to report. How about a few pictures from our snow last week?

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Jessica said...

Pressley chilled out 3 days before I went into labor and i had to go get a stress test too... so maybe the little nameless girl will make her appearance soon!