Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hanging Out!

Well,baby sister and I are still hanging out over here! We're ready for her,but she doesn't appear to be ready for us LOL! Of course,if I heard Julianna talking/screaming/acting crazy all day I might be disinclined to come out,too. ;) I've been doing a lot of walking and stuff this week to try to get her going. It hasn't worked haha! Now,this is my only real concern. Erik has 24 hour duty (which,after driving time,and coming home to eat and shower before bed makes it about 28 hours) on Thursday. I do NOT want to go into labor on Friday. PLEASE! I really can't imagine asking him to stay up all day Friday if I'm in labor after he's come off a 24 hour shift. This is really stressing me out. Why? Because the same thing happened with Julianna. He was on CQ January 3rd,and January 4th I got sent to L&D to be induced. Ugh,so please cross your fingers she comes out before Thursday or after Saturday. Like I said,this is stressing me out so bad. Otherwise,everything is going pretty well. It seems like every time I lay down at night,the contractions start. 5 minutes apart...but they never get closer together or intensify! So,that's our update,hopefully it won't be long before I can introduce baby sister!!

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