Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Julianna!

We had Julianna's 3rd birthday party today. It went really well,it was just a few of our neighbors and their children. We had pizza and punch,and then cake and ice cream for dessert. Julianna asked for an Ariel cake (her favorite princess),and so after I ordered it,I thought she needed a bow and dress to match. :) So,here's the pictures,enjoy,she sure did!

Sweet birthday girl!

Talking,I'm sure..

Her cake,so cute!

She made a wish,and blew out her candle!

Oh that cake was so yummy!

Time to open the loot.

She got all kinds of cute toys.

She learned a thing or two at Christmas,present opening was no joke lol.

Awh,daddy with the Tinkerbell crown on.

Thomas the Train laptop.

Just a few more..

Checking over everything she got..

Overall,a great party. Mom and dad barely made it to the couch when it was over,while Julianna continued to have a party of ONE! Even now,she's running circles around us,and we're barely moving haha!

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