Friday, November 13, 2009


Ok,so we have about 10 weeks to go before baby sister gets here,and I am starting to stress about the name situation..just a tad. Every time I think we've found something we like,I change my mind,or Erik changes his. I wonder if other people have as hard of a time as we do.

When we found out Julianna was a girl,we started out with the intent of naming her Jillian( my pick was Mary-Kate,but Erik hated it),and then we switched to Julia,and stayed with that for quite some time. Around the end of the pregnancy,I really started to like Madeline,but felt it was to popular. I was also kind of leery about Julia being to 'bland',so we decided to go with Julianna. We decided on that about 2 weeks before she was born,and I am so glad we did. I love her name. Now,when she was born,I did have some indecision. She was just so teeny,and I thought maybe her name was to big for her. Little did I know that her personality would far surpass her size in every way imaginable. As I type this,she's in her 'home',which is actually a kitchen cabinet. She says she lives in there,and she has quite the collection of stuff she has hoarded into her new home. Yep,that's my Julianna Kathryn. I really do love her name,for so many reasons,and I want this next baby to have the same thing.

Funny enough,both times we have had boy names picked out (Deacon & Bridger),but girls names are so hard! So,here's where we're at. Like I said previously,I wanted to name Julianna - Mary-Kate,and Erik wouldn't go for it. So,this time I changed it up a little bit,and tried to sell him on Mary-Grace. Oh,now I LOVE that name. He just hated all Mary- names. :( So,then he picked out a name,but when I asked him to spell it,he couldn't. Now,um,if you're going to suggest something,please be able to spell it LOL. I do like the name he suggested though,so it's still on the list.

So,last night we were throwing around some names,and I was trying to re-iterate to him why I don't want a popular name. We have the most popular last name ever,and I don't want our children to be lost in a sea of other children with the same name. So,after all that,Erik says,'what about Emma?' DOH! Emma is the #1 girl name in 16 countries (according to my baby name book). I am looking for a name with 3-4 syllables,not popular,flows well with Julianna,is not trendy,more classic sounding...and it needs to be fairly easy to say and spell. Now,that's not to much to ask,is it?? If you have any suggestions,please feel free to suggest something. :D We're running out of time.

PS-Here's Julianna in her house. :)


Christa said...

Brandon and I have been throwing around lots of baby names, mostly girl names because boy names are too hard for us to agree on. I really liked Mattison, Olivia and Ashlyn...until I read the story of Hannah in the bible. Now I have my heart set on Hannah, whether Brandon likes it or not (which he said he does). You'll figure it out and when you do you'll wonder why in the world it took you so long to realize that it's the perfect name!

cindy said...

Here are a few I like:
Abigail Ryan Williams or
Gabrielle Madison Williams