Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We decided to put our Christmas decorations up this weekend. I know it may be premature to some,but we love this time of year so much,I just couldn't wait any longer!! Also,we have to have it down by January 1st,so I wanted to enjoy it for a full 6 weeks. Does that mean my sweet baby girl is going to be 3 in 7 weeks? :( Oh,my.

Ok,let me get back on course here before I have a breakdown concerning the above. How about some pictures of my 2 loves working on the Christmas tree? (I did help,but I had to take frequent breaks.)

Julianna holding her rocking horse. She really took to it,so we let her have it as a toy.
Erik and Julianna under the tree getting the garland just right. :)
Oh,modeling her Christmas trees.
Erik helping Julianna putting ornaments on HER tree.

These are a little backwards,but this is when we first put it up.
Checking it out.
And the finale,Erik putting the star on top.

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