Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Santa...

Well,Christmas is quickly approaching,and I am trying to finish up my shopping by the end of this month. I have a feeling motivation will be hard to come by next month. So,we're only buying Julianna one thing,which will be from Santa. For one,the child has to much crap it's ridiculous. Two,her favorite things to play with are balloons,belts,bungee cords and paintbrushes. Third,we have a small amount of room to work with. Our house is 900 sq. ft and as soon as Christmas is over,we have to get out the baby swing,bouncer and other baby stuff.

So,we have a little bit of free wall space from where her highchair was,and I measured it at 29 inches. ;) I happened to find a cute little (pink) kitchen that I think she will leave,that's 28 inches across. YES! Haha. We went to Target to look at it the other day,and they had one set up,and we really liked it. Even better,I found a coupon for 20 dollars off. My kind of deal! So,between this and what she gets from the grandparents,I think she'll be happy. For her stocking,I have some hairbows on the way (heh..),and then I want to get her a personalized bath towel,and I'll fill the rest with Dollar Tree stuff.

I have a few things for Erik,but I am looking for a nutcracker for him. I get him one every year,and so far he has a Carolina panthers,fisherman,and soldier nutcracker. Julianna actually suggested a cowboy one (she did!),and so I thought was a good idea. I'm on the lookout,if you happen to see one at a store somewhere,let me know!

For myself,I would like a new toaster and crockpot (white),and then a boppy and new sling for the baby. I'm going to give Erik some money and let him go shop for me. If he uses the debit card,I'll know where he went and what he bought. That's no fun,so we have to do it this way.

I'm almost done with the girls room. I just have to finish baby sis's stool and then decide on her name to put up on the wall. I think I have a pretty strong contender,but I am nowhere near ready to monogram anything lol. Surprised anyone? I'll put pics up soon.


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Thanks SO much Tina,I'm definitely getting that for him! :)