Friday, November 6, 2009

A funny...

So,after we came home from North Carolina,we realized that Julianna was becoming to dependent on us for entertainment. This is not really surprising,because she had so many fun people to play with back home,that she got used to a show all the time. Unfortunately,Erik and I can't and don't want to play with her all.the.time,so we've instituted a 30 minute playtime in her room. She has some special toys (dollhouse,Mickey Mouse Clubhouse),that she gets to play with,and the rule is that she has to stay in there and play quietly by herself until we get her. It's been working out really well.

So,this Sunday,we put Julianna in her room,and left her to play with some balloons. This is a real treat for her,she loves to bat them around. So,I notice that it was unusually quiet in there and I go in there to check on her...she was under the baby crib,holding her balloon like a baby,and singing her ABC's. I thought I would die from laughing. She truly is her father's child. She was just as happy as a clam in there,rolling around under the baby crib with her balloon.

Dear Lord,please let this baby be a baby Lindsay,this house can't take another little Erik. ;)

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