Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pregnancy update.

Just a little update on "baby sister"!

First of all,she does not have a name. I was kinda sure about one (Erik picked it),but then I changed my mind,and I want him to entertain some other options,but he ignores me when I try to talk about it lol. I left the baby book on the bed today trying to give him a hint,but it was a no-go. Luckily we have 12 weeks left to talk about it. :)

So,I'm 28 weeks,just entered the 3rd trimester,and I am doing GREAT! At my last doctor's appt,I was measuring at 28 weeks (2 weeks ahead),my blood pressure was 93/52!!! (normal is 120/80),and I have gained 7 pounds. I went to the lab this week,and took my gestational diabetes test for the second time. I had to take it early this time since I had GD with Julianna. In a normal pregnancy,you do it one time at 28 weeks. The drink is 50g of sugar,it taste like a very flat Sunkist (if you get the orange flavor). You have 5 minutes to drink it,and then you wait one hour for a blood draw to check your levels. The cutoff number is 135,if you go over,then you have to do a 3 hour test (same thing,but they take your blood 3x in 3 hours). At 12 weeks,my number was 133,so I passed by 2 points. When I went to my last appt. the doctor went ahead and gave me instructions for the 3 hour test,because she was pretty sure I'd fail. But,guess what? I didn't!!! I passed,with a 105!!!! God is so good. This is an amazing blessing that I was not expecting,and I could not be more thrilled about it. I don't have to do the test again,or do insulin,or restrict carbs for this pregnancy. I have been on cloud 9 about this,because having GD is no fun,really. Up next,I have an U/S to check on baby's growth (no 4 pounder this time),and then an appt. later this month.

Oh,and just for comparison,here is me at halloween with Julianna (26ish wks),and halloween with baby (27ish wks),what do you think?
27 weeks


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DAD said...

You Go Girl!! You got it together,we are thankful for all the positive info you have shared,God Bless!!