Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's a..

As I'm sure you all know,Ricecake is a GIRL! Seriously! We had our U/s on Tuesday,and everything looked perfect. We actually had the same technician that did Julianna's U/S! How cool is that? As he was rolling around,checking different parts of the baby,I caught 'THE shot',and I said,Yep,I know what that is LOL! Erik said,what is it? I said,it's a girl,for sure a girl,and then I couldn't help but to laugh. The tech confirmed that we are indeed having a girl! I was sure this was a boy! I guess I was deceived by the fact that this pregnancy has been so different. Anyway,I could not be more thrilled that we are having another baby girl!! I've been looking at Juli's old clothes and I can't wait to see ricecake wearing them,too!

Now,I know that I will be getting some comments on whether we have a name picked out yet. The answer is,we are working on a name for this precious baby,but we will not reveal until the baby is born. :)

How about a few pics?
I think this is a facial shot,but she was moving around a lot.

The gender shot! As you can see,there is no weenie in there.

A facial shot. She already looks exactly like Julianna. :)

Beautiful spine.

Movin and groovin.

Just rollin' around.

And last,here she is sucking on her fingers. So sweet. :*)

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Cindy said...

We are so excited. Of course I think two girls are the best.