Monday, August 31, 2009

Wasting Time...

Ultrasound in the morning!! Will it be a boy or girl??? We'll see! :)

Here's a few pictures from our morning at the park on Sunday. If you're on FB,you've already seen these.

Feeding the ducks on the river.

My sweetie girl!

Checking for a good fishing spot!

Erik and Julianna looking at a caterpillar.

18 weeks!!!!!!!!! I am huge.

The children waiting for daddy to get the fishing stuff.

Putting the worm on the hook!

Casting out!

Erik trying to catch a fish with the barbie rod lol.

This is where she started to get a little distracted and started throwing rocks in the water.

And then she rolled headfirst into the river. Daddy to the rescue!!!

She was saying I-OK Mommy! (I was SO not OK lol)

Fishing was over after that little fiasco,so we let her swing for a few minutes before we left.

And here she is walking into the house with daddy's shirt on,which was all I had in the car for her to wear.


Kathryn said...

So happy to see her bow was still in tact.

Bill said...