Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Another Monday...

Good Morning!

First,I just want to say the weather is a beautiful 65 degrees today. It smells like Fall outside. I am so excited,I barely tolerate the Summer just to get to the Fall. I know it won't last,but it's so nice to open the windows and feel that cool breeze!!

Erik's on his last week of flag duty. I went to the division headquarters last week to take a video,but I'm not sure how well it turned out because there was construction over there,AND Juli busted her bum right in the middle of it and started squalling. I might have to try it again this week.

8 days until the U/S!!!!! And then,let the shopping commence!

I had a doctor's appt. on Friday and everything was perfect-o. I am feeling so blessed this pregnancy. I just get so excited and love going to the doctor this time. The heartbeat was 144,just like last time. My blood pressure and heartrate were perfect,and I'm still down 10 pounds. So,great! I have one more appt. before we come home. I can't believe I'm edging close to 20 weeks.

I am getting very annoyed with the housing situation. We are still only halfway up the list from where we started,AND we've already waited the orginal estimated wait time of 3 months. @@ So,if it takes another 3 months,we won't get a house until after Thanksgiving. Agh! I really want to put up my Christmas stuff and just enjoy the holidays this year. Erik and I have been married almost 6 years,and put up a Christmas tree ONCE. The problem now is that I've packed up a lot of stuff,and taken everything off the walls in preparation to move,so everything would have to go back if we don't move. Like I said,annoyed.

I have some cute pictures of Juli,but then I realized that she is only in her underwear in them,so I can't really put them up LOL. We are having some issues with her,one of which is that she doesn't care to wear clothes. Sigh.

Well,that's all for now,just twiddling my thumbs until my ultrasound!

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