Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Tuesday!

2 weeks until the ultrasound!

This morning we had housing come and do a walk-through or pre-inspection as some call it. They said the house looked great,everything is in order,and they put the approval slip in our file. The main housing office told us if we did this,it would speed things up. We now have one month before we leave for NC,so I'm hoping our name comes up on the list soon.

Now,some pictures from the last few weeks.

Erik is vacuuming Austin with the shop-vac. LOL It didn't help with the shedding,in case you wondered.

I think he was greatly offended.

Julianna eating her lunch with her ballerina costume on lol. She was being rather wild that day,can you tell?

Here she is in the kitchen cabinet. I was cooking dinner,and Erik was like,where's Julianna,so we went looking for her and found her in the kitchen cabinet laying up there with the door closed. Haha!

Silly girl!

Erik and Julianna looking at the ABC book while I cooked dinner. :) I love my family.

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