Friday, August 14, 2009


Another weekend is here,yay!

I will be 16 weeks tomorrow. Awesome,moving right along. Only 17 days until my big ultrasound,so excited! :) Everything is going very well,although I will be extremely glad to start feeling the baby move around a little bit.

So,this month Erik has had the unique pleasure of being on Flag Duty. This is pretty self explanatory,but JIC you don't know what that means,Erik has to go put the flag up every morning and take it down every night. He doesn't do it alone,there is a team of people,but it's every day,including weekends. On Thursday morning,I sent him to work with the camera so he could take some pictures. Not only was he doing the flag,but it was also the start of "Week of the Eagles". Fort Campbell has an Eagle as a mascot,so week of the Eagles is just a celebration of the past and present soldiers here on post. They are doing a lot of things this week like concerts,fairs,and air shows. So,here's some pictures of that. If you're on Facebook,you've already seen them.

Here's Erik! It's about 4:30 am here.

Passing off the Flag.

Marching to the Flag pole.

Unfolding the Flag.

Putting her up!

Now that the Flag is up,it's time to cock the cannon so the division run can start!

Here is the division command,generals,etc. The start the run.

The cannon has been fired,and now the run begins. It was about 4.5 miles.

And here they come. 18,000ish soldiers runnig down Wickham Avenue.

Here comes 2/44 ADA,Erik's unit.



And finally,a blackhawk flying over the flag during the run!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I have more to share soon. :)

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Dad said...

Great pix. . .Erik,Thank you for your service to our nation!!