Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fynballa and other Odd Names.

First of all,this post is not meant to be mean spirited or cruel,but I have to take this opportunity to poke a little fun at my husband.

As most of you know,I'm a baby name fanatic. I love to study baby naming popularity,trends,and spellings. It only took us 34 weeks to name our first child,so I had a feeling we should start a little earlier this time. So,last week I went to Wal-M and picked up a baby names book ( I had given ours away). Erik,feeling especially lofty that day,decided to make me a list of girl names he liked. After one girl,we kind of assume we're getting another one,so we haven't talked as much about boy names.

Anyway, let me get to the point. He made me a list of girl names,and now I will submit them to you, dear reader, for consideration.

PS-This is the actual list,I kid you not,I am copying verbatim.

Aileen-Have you met Aileen Wuornos? The most notorious female serial killer?
Fayola- Reminds me of a mash of Toyota and Corolla.
Febe-I'm not sure if he meant Phoebe,and was just "sounding it out",but I did not ask him for fear he would think I approved of this monstrosity.
Fynballa- I'll let you draw your own conclusions about this one.
Iria- Sounds like the ending to diahrrhea to me.
Lola- Not a fan.
Quillen- Sounds like a new slang to Chillen, "Hey man,I'm just Quillen,what about you?'
Roisin-We're having a raisin! Hooray!
Tullia- Now,this is a nice name,but it's like an alternative to Julia.

Ok,funny enough,spell check isn't recognizing most of these names. ;)

Now,I ask you,should he be allowed to name a baby,EVER?

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The Chapman Family said...

I will have to change my pants now, thank. you.