Friday, June 12, 2009


The weekend's here!

This week has felt like a more regular week for us,because Erik actually had to go to work for 4 days in a row!! This is the most he's worked since he got back from Iraq. Now,he has a 4 day weekend LOL.

Up for us this weekend includes:

Painting a dresser for Julianna's room (then I can take pictures). I thought the dresser was white,but when I put it in her room next to the bed,it is more of an ivory color,so needs to be painted to match. Erik's on that duty,since I can't really be painting. I also have some other menial tasks for him to accomplish while he's home. We are trying to make sure everything is very organized so when we get called to move,it won't be a big hassle.

I'm going to work on her room a little bit more. I have to run to Hobby Lobby for a few supplies to finish up some projects,and then work on a few things I've been waiting on. Mostly I need to finish a lamp for her,and then fix a bedskirt that was on her crib.

Julianna's been in her big girl bed for a week now,and so far,so good. We had to move her bed,because right now her room is holding her furniture and bed,and the baby furniture and crib. The room is a good size (10x12),but I had to move things around so it fit,and didn't look crowded. Her bed is under the window,and we had to tell her not to play with the blinds and shades during naptime. Other that that,it has been a seamless transition.

My appointment is in 6 days,and I am getting really nervous/excited. I just want everything to be OK. I want to hear that little heart thumping away. It still amazes me how you can love someone so much,that you haven't even met. The morning sickness seems to be easing off,but the afternoon/evening nausea is still hanging on. It's ok,at least if I have a few good hours in the morning,I can get all my chores done.

Oh,and just a little funny. Julianna knows there's a baby in my belly,and she insists it's a baby sister. I tried to talk to her,and explain there are 2 types of babies,boys and girls,but she doesn't get it. So,anyway,ever since I told her I have a baby in my belly,she has one in hers,too. Everytime I get sick,she runs over and says "momma,baby sisser ok?" and I tell her yes,and then she'll hold her stomach and say "Anna has baby sisser in belly,too" LOL! So today,she was supposed to be doing her chores (yes,she has chores),and she said "no momma,baby sisser in belly" and then held her stomach and hobbled over to the couch. Haha! Oh no little girl,you still have to do your chores even if you do have a "baby sisser" in your belly.

Ok,that's all for now. As soon as we finish our projects this weekend,I will post pics of her room. :)

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