Monday, June 15, 2009

Anna's Big Girl Room!

As promised,here are some pictures of Julianna's big girl room. It's not much,just a bed and dresser,but as you will see,she has to share the room with her baby furniture,so there wasn't room for much else.

As with all pictures,you can click on them to see bigger.

The left side of the room,Julianna's side.

A close up of the dresser. The dresser was given to us for free,all we had to do was paint it white,and then I re-sanded it to make it look shabby chic. The lamp was made by me from a 10 dollar lamp I got at Hobby Lobby, The bulletin board was also bought at Hobby Lobby for 60% off because it had some chips on it,which was perfect for me. The dress form was something I really wanted for her room,and also found it for 25.00 dollars at Hobby Lobby. One more thing about that,I am still looking for something to put on there with the clothespins I painted. I'm looking for some postcards,black and white,with ballet scenes on them. I can't seem to find a varied set anywhere.
This is the front of her bed. I made the hairbow holder from a piece of wood I had,and it says "A dream is a wish your heart makes" That's from Cinderella. The stool was one I had,just re-painted it and hot glued the tutu on there. It was hers when she was a baby.
Her bed under the window. Luckily,we have black out shades,so it stays really dark in there.

The right side of the room,the baby side. I just have a white-pink polka dotted sheet in there,and a pink blanket that I had that matches her bedding. The blue blanket was Erik's when he was a baby.
The armoire.

The inside of the armoire holds the baby clothes now. I guess if we havea boy,we'll have to repack them.
The closet,holds the changing station for now.
The shelf when you walk in the door. On the left is a sweater & hat made by someone in Erik's family for him when he was a baby. It's been preserved very well. The sweater & hat on the right was made by my mom for Julianna.

I hope you enjoyed! :) Suggestions are always welcome.

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Kathryn said...

Very nice. You have such a decorating flair.