Monday, May 25, 2009


Just a few updates!

First,I've put my pregnancy ticker on the top of the page. We are thrilled to be expecting again! :) I am guessing my due date at January 26th,but the nurse I talked to the other day said her guess was January 30th. However,I had some labs done last week and based on those I put my due date at January 23rd. So,who knows? My first appointment is on June 18th for an orientation where we go over my pregnancy history,and I get assigned a doctor. I hope they will order an ultrasound to date this pregnancy. I know one week isn't a huge difference,but if I go early again,one week might make a difference. I am feeling OK. The afternoons seem to be pretty rough,and although I don't remember it,Erik says this happened with Julianna,too. From about 4-6,I feel lousy. Ugh.

Because of the new babe on the way,we are going to move to a bigger house. We could make this 2 bedroom work,but the wait list for a 3 bedroom is only 2-3 months,so we are going to go ahead and do it. The ultimate planner,I've already started organizing and planning. We have to move ourselves,so of course,I would like this to happen sooner rather than later. Last pregnancy,we moved when I was 21 weeks,and it was hard enough then. This time,we'll be doing it ourselves and adding a toddler to the mix.

Julianna is potty training,and doing great! We started her out in the little potty,and then we added underwear,and now she's sitting on the big potty with a potty ring. We're not having accidents or anything. The next step is going out and about with the underwear on. So,we'll get there,but so far,I am very impressed with how well she's done!

That's all for our little family right now! Keep checking back for more!

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