Friday, May 29, 2009

Just for Amber.

Hi! :)

How about some updates on my updates?

First,we are on the housing list for a 3 bedroom house. Erik took the paperwork up there today,and we are around 150 on the list. We requested to stay in the neighborhood that we're in,because we love the location we're at on post. It's very secluded and quiet. So,they said 3-4 months until we move. Now,you know me,and I am already trying to get things organized. We have to pack and move everything ourselves,so if we don't need it,it's not coming with us. I am a teeny but concerned that our move date will coincide with Justin's wedding. :( That would really suck,I do not want to miss his wedding,and when I came home,I was going to stay for a month (at least.) So,let's cross our fingers that we will get a new house before the end of September. I only need about a week to get everything set up,so I'm hopeful.

Onto our newest soap opera, Days of our Potty....Julianna is having a little problem. She doesn't want to poop in the potty. She stays dry all day,is in panties 100%,no accidents ever...but she will not poop. She holds it. So,we've had to give her an enema the past 2 nights. We know she has to go,because she stands on her tiptoes,and clenches her buttcheeks LOL. We're also giving her milk of magnesia twice a day to soften it up,but it really doesn't matter,she still doesn't want to go. It is really sressing me out. I don't want this to become a cycle or medicating to poop. We're working on it.

I've been thinking about nurseries! Of course,one of the best parts about having a baby is decorating! Now,my goal is to do this as cheaply as possible. It's just a personal challenge. I was thinking of doing an Old West theme for a boy,and a Jack and Jill vintage theme for a girl (it would work for a boy,too). Here's my inspiration. Now,I don't plan on those exact colors,but I love the decoupaged dresser,and I happen to have a white dresser we got for free that needs some TLC. I have to wait until we find out what we're having,but the ideas are flowing,which is good,because I am very indecisive.

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CINDY WOOD said...

Love the Jack and Jill room....please let me know if I can help you make anything. I would love to do that.