Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh,For the Love.

What's been going on in the Williams household this week?

Well,we've been a bit under the weather. Erik and I went to Olive Garden on Sunday evening. He had chicken,and I had steak. As soon as we got home,he was feeling bad. He was sick the entire night,and decided to have me take him to the ER Monday morning. On the way there,I was sick (except mine was morning sickness). He came home with some Zofran,but he took them all within 18 hours...and still felt terrible. So,I took him back to the ER today (Wednesday.) I told him not to leave there until he feels better. On Monday when he went in,they didn't take ANY bloodwork,no IV,just told him he had a 'virus'. Um,I don't think so. I mean,I haven't been to medical school recently,but even I know that something else is going on. So,he'll call when he's done up there today,and hopefully can get to feeling better. I don't want to be rude,but I don't really have the time to baby him through this. I'm not exactly operating on 100% either,and I'm taking care of a very rambunctious 2 yr. old every day. So,man up,basically,is what I'm saying.

We did get Julianna registered for "school" on post today. We're just calling it school,but it's actually just daycare. LOL! She'll be going one day a week,for 2 hours-ish. I mostly just need it for doctor appointments,and other appts. she can't go to. Plus,it will be good for her to get used to this,since when she turns 3,she'll be going to half day preschool,which I think is 9 hours a week. :) My big girl is growing up.

The potty issues seem to have (sorta) resolved. I just give Anna 1 tsp. of Milk of Magnesia every morning,and she tries,but can't hold it. It usually makes her poop within a few hours. We,of course,make a big deal out of it,and she gets an M&M and a sticker. Otherwise,though,she is doing awesome.

The pregnancy seems to be progressing well. I have all the normal signs and symptoms,although I'm still in denial about it. I've called to get a dating ultrasound,since I need a due date,and I've talked to 3 nurses who have given me 3 different dates. Not only that,but the last lady I talked to was RUDE! Um,no,lady. Today is not your day. I had to nip that in the bed real quick. So,I'm waiting for someone to call me back,so I can try to reason with them about this situation.

Now,I think I need a nap. I'm tired.

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DAD said...

JULIANNA is quite the SINGER,what a precious family!!!