Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Disney Pics!

My two favorite people at the Animal Kingdom. We were about to do the safari.

Anna meets Tigger! He was chasing her around!

Anna and Eeyore,he looked so sad!
The Williams Family with Pooh.
Awh,she loves "baby bear"
Erik and I waiting to eat dinner at Chefs de France. It was pouring down rain.
A silly picture of me!
And now,one of Erik LOL!
Playhouse Disney Live!
Sitting with Daddy watching the show.
Hey mickey mouse!
Meeting Goofy,she gave him a high-five.
Donaldddddd! She loveeeeeed him so much.
Hugs for Donald!
Minnie Mouse got lots of hugs.
Julianna didn't want to leave her.
Pluto,she liked him a lot,too!
Annnnd,THE Mickey Mouse.

That's all for now. I will have the scan the rest of them,enjoy! We sure did.

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