Sunday, March 15, 2009

Normal,what's that?

Well,as much as it can be around here,everything is back to normal. Sure,the dog hasn't eaten in 4 days,and he needs a canine intervention,but everything else is back to normal.

Anna got sick on Wednesday,it was rather unexpected. She woke up from her nap with a fever of 102.8. That's strange for her,so I looked around the house,and found a bottle of fermented Tylenol. In retrospect,I should have just given her that LOL. I figured we better go out to get some,and when I opened the door,there were a few inches of snow on the ground,and it was still coming down. Luckily, an angel in the forn of an old neighbor came across post to bring us a bag of goodies. She brought Motrin and Tylenol,soup,crackers,tissues,etc. It was very,very sweet. It only lasted about 48 hours,and then she was back to normal. This morning,she looked at me and said "what's my name?",and I thought for a second,and then said "Anna",and she goes "RIGHT Momma!!". Oh,well I'm glad I passed her little test.

I've been corresponding with the insurance companies this week. Yes,there is an S on that word,because there are 2. The military has their own renters insurance policy,and then we have a back-up policy with USAA. So,I've been going forth between the two making sure I've told them both the same thing. I sent off a detailed list of things that were damaged,and now I'm just waiting on some pictures my mom took of the house. I'm hoping they won't drag their feet (I know..I know) on this because I had to use our Disney money to pay for replacement things,and we still really want to go to Disney in May.

We are trying to get in a good routine before Erik comes home. You all know how I love schedules and organization. I'm trying to remember what I use to do,but I seem to have forgotten a few things. Today,I went to Wal-Mart for groceries. *gasp* You never,ever do that on payday. What was I thinking? I have to get up to speed!

I watched Changeling last night. Really good movie,but emotionally disturbing. It was hard to quit thinking about it,and go to sleep last night. Still,a good watch. :)

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