Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Best Laid Plans and All.

Oh my dear goodness. It's nothing if not something,all the time.

I never went to sleep on Saturday morning,I fianlly decided to jump in the shower at 4am and get ready to go. Luckily,we headed out of the drive way at 5:20 and made really good time back home. My mom got a ticket on the way,and that was a bummer for her,but other than that,the 10 hour trip was the best part of the day. Anna was really good,and she hung out in the back playing,watching her DVD's,and snacking.

So,we pulled into Fort Campbell about 2:30,and that's when the fun really started. As soon as I opened the door,I knew something was wrong. The fan from my bedroom was in the living room,and there was something all over the floor. I was already like,WTF is this? It smelled funny,too. After a quick check around,I saw a note laying on the counter. It was from housing,and basically said they had to enter the house twice for a water leak in the house. It happened on January 21st,so it's been about 6 weeks since it happened. It was a mess,a disaster,really. The most notable problem: MOLD. Yes,so here's what happened: On January 22nd,the community management was coming around to check water meters,and heard the smoke alarms going off in the house. Of course,we weren't here,so they called the housing office to come over with a key to get in. When they entered the house,there was about an inch of water on the floor and it was running down the walls. A piece of the dishwasher (regulator) broke off and hot water came pouring out of the piped down through the ceiling vents. The water was steaming hot,and that's what set the smoke alarm off. Can you imagine? What a set of coincidences!

So,they came in and fixed the dishwasher,and got the water stopped. They had someone come in and suck all the water up,and then left the fans on to dry things out. It didn't seem to work very well,since pretty much everything in the house had mold on it. As if a 10 hour car ride wasn't enough,we had to come right in and start throwing things out into the garage that were ruined. We went to put Anna in her bed,and there was mold in it. Yuck. The whole damn house was like that. What a nightmare.

So,for the next 10 hours,we were scrubbing floors,walls,furniture,and throwing out everything that had mold on it. Then,I had to replace everything that was ruined. Thank God for the credit limit on my credit card,I wore that thing out. I think it was smoking by the time Tuesday rolled around. Luckily,my mom and step-dad were here to help out,and we pretty much got it under control before they left. I still have some little things to do,but it's mostly under control.

Now,I'm just trying to get a hold of the insurance company so I can file my claim and get my money back. I'm still going to try to get some pics together,but it might be a few days lol.

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Jessica said...

omg linds! I will be praying for you... sucks.