Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Go Time!

Well,it is approximately 1am,and I have 4 hours left before we leave for Kentucky. Of course,I can't sleep. Are you surprised? I'm not. So,we'll be leaving about 6 am,and hopefully make it to Kentucky by 3pm. Really long day,please pray for our sanity. Luckily,my mom is going,so we can run interference with Anna. We have some little toys she can play with,new DVD's she hasn't seen before,and snacks,of course.

Once we get home (God willing),we will be doing a thorough check over of the house,and then a cleaning. I can only imagine what 5 months of dust looks like. Then,we have to go grocery shopping. There is obviously nothing to eat in there. After that,we'll be working on putting together the futon,if we can find all the pieces in the garage,and re-arranging the furniture. As soon as you walk in,you see her play area,and I want to switch that with the living room furniture,and put her play area in the corner of the other side,so it's not the first thing you see. My step-dad Chris is coming up on Sunday/Monday with the bulk of the stuff we have. We'll spend Monday/Tuesday trying to get all that organized and put away before mom and Chris have to leave. Of course,that's the plan,but anything can happen with a 2 yr. old. I was lucky enough to get a dentist and doctor appt. on Monday so I can go by myself and get it done with. If you know the military,this is pretty amazing! Usually you have to book months out.

Once we get home,we have about 3ish weeks before Erik comes home,and then 5 weeks after that,we're going to DISNEY!! Yay! I am so excited about this.

Hopefully,I'll have some pictures and stuff once I finish re-arranging the house. :)

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Jessica said...

Well, by now, you are at home... I bet your glad to be back at your own place. I will be praying for you and your transition back home, as well as preparing your home for Erik's arrival!