Friday, February 27, 2009

The Countdown Begins.

The time is almost here,for Little J and I to go back to Kentuckkkkkkkky!

We will be leaving next Saturday for 'home'. Luckily,my mom is coming with me,and so I won't have a chance to throw myself out of a moving car because Julianna is driving me crazy LOL. Yes! We are going to fill up my car,and my step-dad is going to fill up his car and bring the second load up. We have been here for 5 months,and you can't imagine the amount of stuff we have to take home.

In other news,I'm planning a trip to Disney!! Erik gets leave when he comes home,and we talked about taking a trip together. I was just planning on going somewhere low key like Chattanooga,or Gatlinburg,but then Erik said,let's go to Disney world. So,OK, I'm planning a trip. They have some good deals going on for military right now,and so I had to call through the MWR and get a price quote. They are supposed to call me back Monday and give me the price. I asked for 2 rooms,in case my mom and Chris want to go. I'm rolling my eyes here,but it has turned into a bit of a drama,and I'm really not about all that,so whatever. I have wanted to go to Disney for ever,and I am so excited thinking about it. I don't know how much Julianna will remember,but we'll take lots of pics so when she's a teenager and hates us,we can remind her we did something nice for her once in her life. Ha-ha!

This week,is going to be really busy with packing,loading and getting ready for the 11 hour car ride. :) Did I mention I'm ready to go home?

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