Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little Update

Just a quick update on what we're up to right now.

First,all of our paperwork has been sent and received in Eastern Europe. Right now,our team is translating paperwork and getting ready to submit our completed,translated dossier to the Department which accepts it (I'm being vague here on purposes,to not identify the country we are going to).

SO,in just about 3-4 days....we hope to have wonderful news about being locked in!!! :)

About 3-4 weeks after we are submitted,we will get a travel date,and travel about 2-3 weeks later. Basically,we are shooting for early April!


Even though the paperwork part is over (hallelujah),there is still a LOT to do. So,my mind is in list mode. Now,y'all that know me best know that I thrive on organization and being tidy. This has thrown that into overdrive. I have so many lists I don't even know where I'm going or what I'm doing at any given time.

I have a list for freezer meals to cook ,so we will have some sustenance when we get home. I'm making lists of outfits to pack for the girls (no,they aren't going with US,but are going somewhere). I'm making lists of medications to take with us,since some things that we might need or use aren't available where we're going. I'm making lists of prescription medications I need to my doctor to fill before we go. I'm making lists of toiletries/clothing and other items we need to take,like adapters,etc. Oh,and I'm also working on making home-school packets for Big Sis to do while we're gone so she won't get behind/off schedule.

Also, we are fundraising like crazy to get to our goal before we leave. We are about 5,000 dollars away from being funded. God is SO good. We just started a fundraiser at our church called "Pennies for Pacey" and we made ziploc bags and envelopes with a picture of Pacey in each one for people to make donations. That way,they can keep the picture of Pacey as a reminder to pray for us,and then use the ziploc bag to fill with change or make a donation. The first day was a success,and we hope to keep it going for a few weeks. I have to talk with the bank on March 1st about the money situation,so we are hopeful to be close to goal by then.

Oh,and in my free time,I'm just taking care of the kids that are already here,trying the best I can to prepare them for what's going to happen. One child is going to love being away from home and doing fun things,but is going to struggle with the lack of routine and consistency. One child is going to love the free- feel of the days,but struggle with being away from home (and from mommy). My girls are opposites in most everything. Overall,I am just so thankful that of all the things I need to keep on my plate,childcare isn't one of them. The girls are going to be so loved and taken care of while we're gone,and I know I don't have to worry a bit. Having never (and I mean never) been away from them, I know this separation is going to be tough on all of us,but God will see us through.

Thank you so much for donating,praying,encouraging,and above all,loving on our family during this amazing season in our lives. To God be the glory for the things He has done!

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