Thursday, February 21, 2013

I woke up to a wonderful phone call this morning! Our facilitator called to let us know that all of our paperwork was received,translated and turned in to the appropriate department. We are now "submitted."

Basically,this means that we hope to travel to meet the little man in 6 weeks. WHOA. 6 weeks is soooo,not far away LOL. It's going to fly by,and I've got so much to do. Surprisingly,I'm remaining amazingly calm about it,which is so unlike me. There might be a breakdown moment later,but for now...I have things to do.

Tonight,Erik and I will be speaking at the local college (Columbus State University) about the adoption,and we are going to present our Pennies for Pacey fundraiser there. Who knew? God has used this to open doors for us to share our testimony to people groups we would never usually encounter. I am just praying that He will speak through me! I don't have anything planed or rehearsed,other than a few notes I've jotted down,but I know He will provide the right words.

Thank you for praying for us through this. We can feel those prayers working on our behalf!

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