Saturday, January 5, 2013

Big Sis Turns 6!

Technically ,today is Big Sis' birthday,but we celebrated our sweet girl on Friday due to some scheduling conflicts.

We started off the morning at Cracker Barrel for some delicious pancakes. We hardly ever go out for breakfast,so I was very happy when that's what Julianna decided on.
My little gal is so pretty!

After we filled up on pancakes,we headed out to a family entertainment center here in town,where we spent the day having FUN!
We played in the bounce houses..
Even daddy got in on the action!

Then we did a round of putt-putt. Matilda and her little tiny puck were pretty useless on the green LOL. I tried to help a little bit. ;)
 Julianna was bored with it after a short time,since it took a bit of focus and attention. ;)
Then,we (well,Erik and Julianna) went roller skating!!(mommy stayed on the sidelines and busted a gut laughing kept an eye on Matilda,whose feet are too small for skates).
Erik was quite the natural in skates. He could have stayed out there and boogied for a while,but after Julianna hit the floor 50 times,she was done,and it was time to GO!
On the way home,we stopped for an ice cream come.yum! The ice cream place offers a free come if you're under 40 inches. Matilda should be getting free ice cream until ...oh, about age 5. *giggle*
Then,we were exhausted. Mommy and Matilda went home and passed out,Julianna watched a movie,and Erik went to get his new used car. Yeah,we know how to plan it lol. Once he came home,we took a ride in his car and picked up pizza for dinner. We came home and ate dinner and had birthday cake!

I love a fat baby eating cake!
 Pink and purple for my big princess!

And then,presents! The theme this year was...Strawberry Shortcake. Everyone gasp in amazement at this newfound love. I kid! I kid! My girls absolutely love strawberry shortcake. We seriously had to rack the store shelves to come up with things they don't have (Matilda's getting much of the same). However,I think she liked everything she got. :)

Now,after she got her strawberry princess dress on (I have a better picture,but somehow Matilda was nearly naked in it,no idea on that one,but I couldn't use it haha) she came into the kitchen and said for her last birthday wish she would like to have a dance with her daddy. This picture is SO beautiful to me....what a precious ending to an amazing day of loving on our sweet girl!

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