Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Re-cap!

This might be a record for me. I usually don't get pictures up so quickly. On Christmas morning,we woke up around 8:30. Yes,we were all exhausted. We took a little trip to Charlotte to visit with family for a few days,and we got back Christmas Eve afternoon. I spent the rest of the day rushing around,and we all dropped into bed to wait for Santa!

The girls got up,and found a note from Santa thanking them for the cookies and milk. We also found the reindeer's carrots out in the front lawn!

Then,we noticed that Santa left a trail of garland pieces on the floor,and we followed it out to the garage,where....
We found the girls' surprise from Santa. From what I heard,Santa had quite the time getting this together. Hah. It's a trampoline,7 foot tall,made for children ages 3-10. It's been quite a hit. The best part is,we can open the garage door and let the kids jump in there when it's too cold/hot outside.

We then went in for a yummy,delicious breakfast. The monkey bread was homemade and DIVINE. I had to throw a small piece of it away because I was lacking a certain amount of self-control...

And after ou bellies were full,we went into the living room to open gifts! :)
The girls looking at books!
My mom got me a really cool cookie press that I can use to decorate goodies.
Daddy's nutcracker for the year,we try to get him a new one each year.
Ariel!!!!!!! Disney princesses were a big hit this year.
Matching umbrellas from Gigi with their names on them!
Princess dresses. My little Rapunzel and Merida.
After we opened gifts (we really tried to spread it out over the morning,so the girls had a chance to appreciate the gifts),the girls had lots of time to play with their new toys,and then we had lunch,and napped for a bit. That was mommy and daddy's gift LOL!

On Christmas evening,we had a birthday party for Jesus and opened our stockings! A great day overall. We are really very blessed.

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