Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Recap!

How about a picture of my spooky little gals on Halloween? Big Sis was a ladybug,although the wings were heavy and didn't make it very long. Hey,I found the costume in some stuff people left on the side of the road in our neighborhood,so I really can't complain. ;) Little Sass was a kitty witch,or something along those lines. She wore that same costume last year. I was going to let her be a ballerina,but I would have had to buy tights/turtleneck/shoes. Orrrrr,she could just wear her outfit from last year and buy nothing. I went with the latter. She didn't seem to mind. I had to giggle a little when I put it on her,because it's only an 18 month outfit. Sigh...that little shrimpcake might grow one day.

Are you skurred?!
Here's one of my gang after our day of fun was over. I really should have gotten a fresh one of them,but I put their costumes on at 7 that morning,to rush out the door for a doctor's appt,and then we went to the library for the rest of the morning. So,I didn't catch them fresh,but they were pretty cute. As you can see,our canine crew was dressed up,too.

I took the girls to the Fall Festival at church,and Erik stayed home and passed out candy. As it turns out,it wasn't the best idea for us to be apart,because by the time I got the girls away from the festival and drove home,it was too late for him to take them out,and his feelings were kind of hurt. It was a miscommunication on our parts,but I still felt bad about it!

The night before Halloween,Erik and the kids got to work carving pumpkins. That is totally a daddy job,because I'm not into the guts and stuff. He did such a good job with them,although he wishes that he gave them simpler choices for their carvings....since he did all of it himself. ;)

After a bath,where all pumpkin guts were scrubbed off,the girls got to see their pumpkins all lit up! A spider on the left,and a ghost on the right.

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