Saturday, March 24, 2012


Has it really been a month since I posted?

I fear my little blog is just slowly dying out. I don't seem to have anything interesting to chat about!

Erik left last month go to to school,and it turned out to be much harder than he expected. We prayed fervently that the Lord would supply him with knowledge and focus to get through the class,and wow,have we been blessed. Erik has done amazingly well while he's there. Typically,classroom work is not his forte,and there was a lot of bookwork. He passed all of his exams (the Army has turned the promotions schools into college courses,so it's not really job specific anymore.) He also really excelled in the Land Navigation part of the course. Just a small brag,but he found all 7 land points he was given in 1 hour,16 minutes. You have 3 hours to do it,and he was the fastest in his entire class. I'm really proud of him for working so hard. He will be home right before Easter,and we will be so glad to have him HOME!

A few days after he left,the kids and I went to North Carolina to hang with the family. We had a great time,as usual. I got to meet my "little" nephew Brady. Although, at 4 months and 20 pounds,he's not that little. He is a the cutest baby monster ever,though. He wasn't sure if he wanted to love Aunt Lindsay,but I think he came around after a few visits. It's so neat to see my brother as a dad. He and Elcin are great parents,and I'm so thankful that our children will have cousins to grow with. We,or rather I,ate quite a lot of yumminess while we were there,and had quite the shock on the scale when I got home. I was supposed to be losing weight,not gaining it! Darn. Oh well,a great time was had by all!

While I was home,i got hooked on The Hunger Games. I read books 1 and 2,but I'm holding off on 3 as long as I can. I'm hoping Erik and I will get a movie date soon so I can see it. I have been praying that the Lord will provide a trsutworthy babysitter for us, so I'm waiting patiently on that. I would like to have more time with Erik, sans kids.

The little girls are doing well. We've had to get back on behavior training since we got home,since they always get a little spoiled by the grandparents. :) Julianna is struggling with talking back,or arguing. It could even be something simple,like if I ask her to pick something up and throw it away,she wants to talk about it. So,I've revved up on making sure she responds with "yes,mommy" at ALL times. Matilda is ....2,so you can pretty much imagine what correction she needs. I've also been training her to say yes,mommy,and then I usually help her do whatever I asked her to do,to help her learn to be obedient. For instance,if I ask her to put her shoes away,I will instruct her,make her say yes,mommy,and then walk with her to the shoe basket so she will follow-through. And I am trying very hard to praise both girls for all good behavior I catch! I was watching the Duggars' one night,and Michelle was saying they try to praise their children 10 times more than they correct them. You know I love the Duggars, I've gotten more than one useful idea from watching their show over the years.

And,that's all for now!

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