Friday, March 30, 2012

My first blog post on my new laptop.

I very begrudgingly had to buy one when my old one pooped out on me.

I bought my first laptop 4 years ago,and I've had so many issues. The first one,I took out of the box and it was defective and had to be taken back immediately. The second one lasted a short time,and then when Erik was deployed (time 2),I had to take it back for an exchange after it went out on me within 45 days of getting it. Then,the day I brought Matilda home from the hospital,the motherboard and hard drive went out,and it was gone for 2 weeks. Then,right before Erik came home (time 3),I had to have the motherboard and hard drive replaced AGAIN. They literally gave the computer back to me the day the warranty ran out. So,the other day I took it back in thinking I might just need a new cord,but it was the motherboard issue again. I was not paying to fix it again,so Erik told me to buy a new one. My old one was an HP,and the new one is an ASUS. I am very thankful we were able to purchase a new one,but I was a little disappointed because I had 1000 dollars set aside to get the girls bunk-beds,and buy an elliptical.

Obviously,that will be on hold for a while!

In other news,I am back to weight loss again. When I came back from my mom's house,the first weigh in I saw was 150.4. That is flat out embarrassing, approximately 15 pounds gained. It happens so fast,I am not kidding!! Last week,I just focused on getting back into my eating "routine",and then this week,I have been counting calories. Because I'm not exercising,I'm keeping it around 1200. I'm having success with eating lean meats like chicken and fish during the week,and not eating red meats. I've also upped my vegetable intake. I want to get back to 137,which was my original goal,and it totally attainable as long as I exhibit self control.

Also,we've had a critter outbreak at the house,which is no surprise to me. I knew based on the terrain in these parts,that we would see some critters. Last week,there was a snake on the back porch. We were eating dinner,and I looked out the back window and it was crawling on the chair. Ew. Also,there were 2 wasp nests on my front porch,one on the opening on the air conditioning vent. Also,the kitchen sink is clogged up,the back yard badly needs a mow (and um,I'm not doing it,snakes and all),and Erik's truck leaked a HUGE amount of oil onto our driveway (we're in a rental). So,needless to say,things fall apart when daddy leaves. It always happens. Thank goodness this isn't a year long deployment,and he will be home shortly. His honey-do list is waiting on the fridge.


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Dad/Poppy said...

Great Update,hang in there(Phil. 4:13)